Who am I? I'm a composer of music and visual imagery. I was born during the 80's.
Manga, Anime and Kung-Fu ruled my life.
I studied Graphics & Art. I love to create things.
I'm still learning about myself.
I'm a Geek.


Latest Project The Jay-Z Black Album Remixed Titled "Darker Than Black"
I'm a fan of hardware, vintage and modern but I do like to fuse my love for
classic drum machines, synths and samplers with current technology.
At the moment I use an Akai MPC2500, SP-404, MicroKorg XL
and Logic Pro X. To be honest I use whatever I can get my hands on.
If it makes noise then I'll use it. What I'm Working With
Imagine creating an album and collaborating with a photographer, Illustrator, Film-Maker or Designer to create something that simultaneously enhances the final product. Whether the story is told through the expression of “Boom-Bap” style drum programming, and soulful samples, or through thought-provoking, colour blinding visuals, the two mediums should stand as worthy pieces of art in their own right, or as two pieces of art that complement each other. With this chemistry I hope to plant the seed which I call “Audiopixel”. What is Audiopixel?
One of my goals in life is to understand what I have learned and pass it on.
In this section you will find resources with links to the best websites that
are offering free downloads, drum packs, tutorials and information to inspire you
during your own journey. The web links on this page I have
used myself over the years to help me develop my skills. Sharing The Knowledge
Walk With Me Keep in touch and don't be a stranger.
I'm actually an easy person to talk to. If your
not the talkative type its cool,
just walk with me.

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