As a composer of music and visual imagery the overall feel

is very important, it tells a story through various emotions. That is what you will

experience from the music I create. If you are looking for an original, authentic warm sound

delivered with professionalism then step inside and take a look around.

Inspired by Emotion.

Maker of sound with a passion for creating good honest music from the soul. When creating music there should be no boundaries and all ideas are possible. I create music with what ever I can get my hands on which might be drum machines, keyboards, sound modules and live recordings.

If you are appreciative of various sounds, genres and styles I believe you will find something to take away with you.

Hands-On Experience.

If you are looking for good music production for your

own project whether it be leasing, sync, an album, mixtape or scoring for your

film, documentary or video game then I can build customised music

tailored to your needs.

Music production. Learn more about music production ⟩

Over the years I have collected 1000's of drum samples

sound effects, basslines and atmospheric frequencies. I have been

fortunate to have owned a few keyboards, sound modules

and drum machines. With all of these sounds at my disposal

I have decided to put together a collection of samples

for Beatmakers, Producers and aspiring Film-makers.

Drum Packs. Sound Effects. Learn more about sound packs ⟩
Production Portfolio.

If your here just to listen to a selection of music then this is where you will find my entire collection to date. Some old and some new, plenty of variety in a wide range of formats via different outlets like iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Listen to my Production Portfolio ⟩
Sharing The Wealth.

One of my goals in life is to share what I have learnt and pass it on.

So this section will be all about sharing resources with links to the best websites that

are offering free downloads, drum packs, tutorials and hardware to inspire you

during your journey. The list of web links will be hand-picked

by myself to give you the best start in your creative life.

Learn more about resources ⟩

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